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As time passed, her craving for sexually explicit material consumed her and even caused her grades and relationships with family and friends to suffer because she devoted so much energy thinking about how to set up her next opportunity to get online or spend time in her room. Pornography and cybersex addictions are becoming more widespread among females.

When she realized that she was daily looking for time to masturbate, Reneé knew her addiction was out of control. Christianity polled their women readers and found that 34 percent admitted to intentionally accessing Internet pornography.

That cybersex encounter was the start of an addiction that lasted for most of her high school and college years.

As much as she tried, Kimberlyn couldn't stop herself from looking for another encounter, and she searched for a more exciting way to respond to this addictive urge, and even entertained thoughts of becoming sexually involved with random men.

Anne rationalized that she could stop any time she wanted, but found she never could.

Each time she tried to walk away from porn, she was unable to break free.

She heard about the addictiveness of pornography at church, but her pastor always said that it was a problem only guys struggled with.

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For years, pornography has been considered a "guy problem," but girls who have fallen into porn and cybersex addictions know that this isn't true at all!Those who have been caught up in these behaviors confess that their addictions negatively affected their relationships with others, and many say that they had ongoing feelings of worthlessness as a result of this degrading habit. He loves you so much and wants you to come to Him and ask for His help.Don't be afraid that He will be angry with you and think instead of the mercy He loves to show His children when they admit their faults.The fact that this article exists is proof that there are quite a few other teens struggling with this addiction.Whether porn or cybersex addiction is part of your life or the life of someone you care about, it's important to know that this behavior a problem.

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