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Keep in mind that reviews tend to focus on the negative, but at the same time, watch out for patterns.If tons of consumers complain that a certain tire brand delaminated or didn't wear well, that should be a cautionary note.Or, you could move up to better quality tires - ones that promise more miles or an added measure of safety. That's why it's important to shop carefully, buying the right tires for you vehicle from the right store. A good place to start is the Consumer Affairs Tire Department.Choosing the right tire involves knowing how you expect to drive the vehicle. There you'll find consumers reviewing -- and often lamenting -- their experiences with various stores and tire brands.The problem with many tire stores is that they tend to push certain brands.In other words, they sell you want they want to sell you, not what's best for you.If you're not up for installing tires yourself, Tire Rack will ship your tires to a local service station or tire store that will install them for you.Ironically, the tires may wind up being shipped to one of the local tire stores you initially avoided.

He initially visited a Just Tires store in his neighborhood but found only a few tires in the right size."To a trained person, it is clear the tire is defective.Upon looking at the other tire, it is clear it is beginning the same delamination."Obviously, new tires should not contain defects and should not wear out after a year of use.Tires are probably the most important, but most under-appreciated part of your vehicle.They are literally where "the rubber meets the road," the only part of your car that makes contact with the highway.

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