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Source: Flickr user rgallant_photography Desert life is tough!If you’re coming from a sea-level state, you’ll need to keep in mind that the first few days, or weeks, possibly, are going to feature lots of lounging around as the altitude difference takes its toll on your body.Well, candy-ized blue meth, as made famous by you guessed it, Breaking Bad.Pick up another hit of the good stuff from The Candy Lady, along with any of the other delicious offerings.You’ll put it on everything and you will love the heck out of it.

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If you just want to catch the view, take the Sandia Tramway to get up to a staggering 10,378 feet at the observation deck.

Source: Cocina Azul Facebook page Every major city has a food they’re famous for (Chicago for hot dogs, San Francisco for sourdough, Atlanta for, uh, grits?

) but Albuquerque is serious about its green chile.

There are spooky offerings (the thrilling ghost tours), galleries and shops, museums, and even quiet patios for kicking back in the warm sun.

Source: Marble Brewery Facebook page These are the good ol’ beer boys of Albuquerque.

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    Without her, he is condemned to eating at the ubiquitous diners all over the place where seniors get discounts before a certain hour, perhaps before 5pm!