Dating an extrovert

For women, coping style and perception of social support predicted marital quality.Returning, then, to the takeaway if you’re currently in a relationship with an introvert: .It might mean that, if you’re an extravert who happened to fall in love with an introvert, you need to provide that space from time to time.Your emotional support will be appreciated, and with this sensitivity to your partner’s needs, both your and your partner’s fulfillment can flourish.Follow me on Twitter @swhitbo for daily updates on psychology, health, and aging.Feel free to join my Facebook group, "Fulfillment at Any Age," to discuss today's blog, or to ask further questions about this posting.It can also be difficult to negotiate relationships with partners who are anxiously attached to the point of being clingy.

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Among men, lower extraversion was related to poorer marital satisfaction, but so were a set of other qualities including less-secure attachment style and lower coping ability.

To sum up, there are no reasons why introversion on its own should stand in the way of relationship satisfaction.

What might be more important to focus on is the extent to which your partner feels with you.

But what does this mean for their close relationships?

Can you truly experience intimacy if you don’t openly express your feelings? How does it feel when your partner prefers silence to your desire to keep up a steady stream of conversation?

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