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Between July and December, 2010, over 125 community forums have been held in over 35 West Virginia counties—followed by local action planning sessions.We hope you will consider convening a forum in your community.Any further legal wrangling over same-sex marriage in West Virginia would have to end, and the wedding ceremonies that began after October 6, 2014 could continue.The only thing that could change things back to the way they were would be a ruling from the Supreme Court that same-sex marriage bans in the states are constitutional, and that did not seem likely to happen soon because the court had so recently decided not to hear appeals on the issue.In doing so, Chambers made clear that West Virginia's ban on same-sex marriage can no longer stand.The Fourth Circuit struck Virginia's ban as unconstitutional, and the Supreme Court refused to weigh in at that time.That did not happen, but the possibility was real that a court could have held that West Virginia's statute banning same-sex marriage is different enough from Virginia's that a court could hold that West Virginia's ban is constitutional. Chambers lifted a stay on that case that held it in limbo on the anticipation of a ruling from the Supreme Court regarding the Fourth Circuit's decision to strike the Virginia ban on same-sex marriage the Bostic v. When the Supreme Court declined to review took effect and the same-sex marriage ban in Virginia fell.

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They have recently created a guide to share stories and resources about effective public engagement through dialogue and deliberation. The West Virginia Center for Civic Life is pleased to announce the appointment of Sutton Stokes as its new associate director.And because it took effect, the courts that fall under the jurisdiction of the Fourth Circuit have to follow suit.Conceptually, this is not too difficult to understand, but practically, it can be a lot more complicated.Prescription drug abuse is an extremely complex issue requiring the involvement of nearly every sector of the community: law enforcement, education, health care, churches, businesses, neighbors, government and social services.In order to consider ways to address prescription drug abuse, local organizations are sponsoring community discussions to bring people together to consider what can be done.

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