Domlogs not updating cpanel

One other stray log that c Panel ignores is /var/log/

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IPv4\n\n1.0\/22\n\n1.0\/22\n\n103.31.4.0\/22\n\n104.16.0.0\/12\n\n108.162.192.0\/18\n\n131.0.72.0\/22\n\n141.101.64.0\/18\n\n162.158.0.0\/15\n\n172.64.0.0\/13\n\n173.245.48.0\/20\n\n188.114.96.0\/20\n\n1.0\/20\n\n197.234.240.0\/22\n\n1.0\/17\n\n1.0\/21\n\n Click the Cloud Flare plugin in c Panel.\n\n Select \u201c Performance\u201d from the top menu.\n\n\n\n Scroll to the site you\u2019d like to enable Rail Gun and click \u201c Settings\u201d to the left of the domain name you select.\n\n Next to the Rail Gun option, press the \u201c Off\u201d button to toggle it to \u201c On\u201d\n\n\n\n That's it.\n\n Any domain that is setup on Cloud Flare's DNS and\u00a0has it's\u00a0IP\u00a0listed in the\u00a0partner panel can utilize Railgun via c Panel.\n\n ","content Filtered":"Using Railgun for faster load times and more efficient caching.Any domain that you have installed an SSL certificate for gets a log file for tracking SSL traffic and it is located in /var/log. Take a look in /var/log to make sure that you have the proper filename i that first line.It will match exactly as you have it set up in WHM.Any domain that is setup on Cloud Flare’s DNS and has it’s IP listed in the partner panel can utilize Railgun via c Panel.[{"type":"post","id":213,"post ID":213,"css Classes":"post post-213 type-post status-publish format-standard hentry category-uncategorized author-cpanelfan","parent ID":0,"title Raw":"Setting up Railgun on c Panel","title Filtered":"Setting up Railgun on c Panel","title Was Generated From Content":false,"content Raw":"Using Railgun for faster load times and more efficient caching.\n\n\n\n Nearly 70% of web content is cacheable (JS, CSS, & HTML).

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