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if you get swamped, leap out and put a rejuv totem behind you and FACETANK AGAIN. - Glacial Hammer with the same set up as your LS can do as your 1 v 1 choice or lightning resists enmes. Its my third time to make a templar and followed Fresh Brewed's build and the result is awesome.

If the room is full of multi-proj elemental skeletons, you have to kill 1-2 before you can facetank the rest with LS (have to be LS since you can regen with Life Gain On Hit as projectiles counts too) Dmg is decent altho not as high as I would like. Im now a level 32 Templar after just 12hrs of playing.

People don't seem to get that I left this open on a purpose. I chose stats for the ultimate customization ability.

Ju ST wanna share progress, soloed Gravisious in Cruel, at first try. Happy Gaming 6)Hi, im merciless act 1 now, currently farming ledge solo.

Now, to go to some difficulty im encountering as i progress to lvl 60. i wud want to affirm some previous posts about that wud be the helpful skills in doing merciless.

This build will shine in the endgame; Resistances are must & shield is here to help you. 3) Use 1 Handed Mace with high Physical Damage% and Elemental Damage%.

Prefer Physical Weapon% as the Elemental scales off the Physical Damage!

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