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As you know Wiki says it's not a reliable source whatever so it shouldn't be put on the list or have a page made for it.

Pooldude has also said one of the episodes will be a Sokka episode so it might be that.

--Fyre2387 , (UTC) has the complete book one DVD been released in the UK yet? The reason this is a good idea is because it will ruin everything for the people who read it. However, I'm afraid Wikipedia policy dosn't let us remove/shorten things just to avoid spoilers.--Fyre2387 2.249 , 29 June 2007 (UTC) God is season 3 out yet? But as I see it here, season 3 didn't start yet, right?

I am not going to change the names of the episodes or conjoin them like jimblack did, but I just want to shorten the summaries. Who the **** got rid of all the pictures for the episodes and DVD boxes?

We should be ready for countless reverts next week taking the episode out.

- Peregrine Fisher , (UTC) Looks like we've got no choice, now..anybody have ideas to make the page not the butt ugly mess it is now? Skiddy\ Hey guys, how bout I shorten the text for the summaries of the episodes? (You aren't fooling anybody.) Anyway, at least you're using talk pages now, that's a nice change.The first episode of Season 3 is the awakening, said by several websites.Dar book , 26 August 2007 (UTC) Pooldude has said he has the 4th episode name for season 3 and will announce it either Monday or Tuesday.This page requires a source for the episode listings so it doesn't look like we pulled them out of our (*EXPLICIT WARNING*) butt. H2P , 17 January 2007 (UTC) Hey, I'm new here (Mega Sonic55) and found this information on TV.com: This season will be titled Book 3: Fire.(THIS was obvious) The characters will all have new hairstyles for this season.

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