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It introduced the theory that populations evolve over the course of generations through a process of natural...Libri Vox recording of Siddhartha, by Hermann Hesse.I am a young Czech woman who found her European Swiss fiancee Radim.

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A collection of M4B files created by Libri Vox Volunteers.

Translated by Gunther Olesch, Anke Dreher, Amy Coulter, Stefan Langer and Semyon Chaichenets Read by Adrian Praetzellis Siddhartha is one of the great philosophical novels.

Profoundly insightful, it is also a beautifully written story that begins as Siddhartha, son of an Indian Brahman, leaves his family and begins a lifelong journey towards Enlightenment.

The account of Mowgli's adventures is followed by several short stories, including the tales of the brave white seal, Kotick, and the tenacious mongoose,... (Translated by Wilhelm Cremer.) Read in German by Rebecca Braunert-Plunkett Oscar Wildes Kunstmärchen bieten dem Leser (und Hörer) Zugang zu zauberhaften, filigran gestalteten Welten.

Liebe, Leidenschaft, Aufopferung und Läuterung sind einige der vom Erzähler prachtvoll in Szene gesetzten Motive.

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