Meat dating

If you decide you are ok with this, then stick to your word.The very best kind of activism is positive activism, so if you do end up with a meat-eater, remember that nagging them for their eating habits isn’t going to help the animals; it will only piss off the person you’re sleeping with and eventually ruin your relationship.But what's a plant eater to do – beat her partner over the head with facts about abuse in factory farming or the link between high meat consumption and climate change – or just cook great food that happens to be made with plants, not animals?Rolling out your best sweet potato curry may be the best option says dietitian Lucy Taylor.If we have a barbecue, he eats meat and I eat vegie burgers and when friends come over for dinner I'll make mushroom risotto – I try not to make a big deal about it being vegetarian food.I don't like to push people."It' a similar story from a vegan colleague who's just moved in with a meat eater – he's getting closer to her way of eating, although he still eats some meat."It definitely caused friction at first.Relationships are supposed to be fun, they are about having great sex, adventures and sharing laughter and tears, possibly even about building a life and a family together.

"Instead, win them over with plant versions of familiar dishes such as a lentil and mushroom bolognaise.

If people do give you a hard time, just know in your mind that it’s them and not you who´s the problem and swiftly change the subject.

Just like you don’t want to be identified as “the vegan” at a dinner party full of strangers, because you are so much more than that.

You don’t have to argue wether leather couches are ok or a no-go, where to store the meat in the fridge and if your future children are going to be vegan or not (cause that question comes up eventually). But it goes a step further: A recent study in the Czech Republic explored the effect of red meat consumption on body odour attractiveness. Those on a vegan diet were “judged as significantly more attractive, more pleasant and less intense”.

There you go, vegans are hot, chill and smell great. Even if you said before, that you only date herbivores, you might end up falling for the exact opposite.

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