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So much so that she didn’t even bother calling me herself to tell me. I was absolutely livid since I’d had no clue that she had applied for the modification.

The significance in the HELOC being closed would not affect my mother much, but it would affect me.

When she was told the disclosures over the phone, she never connected a HELOC with a second mortgage and thought that all was fine.

It wasn’t until she received a letter in the mail stating that because of changes in her financial situation, the line of credit was closed and we had a certain amount of time to pay it back that she became alarmed.

My mom and I jointly own a home equity line of credit (“HELOC”) on her home for which I am 100% responsible. I don’t even think she knows what the balance is on the HELOC because she doesn’t even get the mail. When she applied for the modification, Bank of America automatically closed the HELOC.

She went ahead and applied for the mortgage modification. That’s the big question in the wake of the NSA surveillance news that’s shaken the nation. There’s no way to block NSA surveillance completely. It’s important to remember that almost all surveillance starts with private companies.Even if you rebelled against technology, ditched your mobile phone, and avoided using heavily-tracked web services like Facebook and Google, you’d still be on surveillance cameras that capture your face, license plate scanners, and credit databases, among other things. Apple, AT&T, Microsoft, Google, Verizon…companies like these mine your data for commercial reasons, but they end up having to give it up to law enforcement when asked.Please spread the word to the people you know that privacy invasions are a big deal.And realize that powerful web services like Facebook offer zero protection.

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