Safe dating for teenagers

” If you start dating someone else, you will NEVER see your kids again!

Sexual Coercion: "If you really loved me, you'd have sex with them" "If you don't want to sleep with me, I'm just going to get it somewhere else." "I'm not wearing a condom." Along with the Power & Control Wheel it is important to recognize the red flags or warning signs of dating abuse.

I expect this house to be clean." "A woman has no business working in that position!

" Intimidation: "If you just would have shut your mouth I wouldn't have hit you!

" "If you tell anyone, I'll hurt your family." Minimize, Deny, and Blame: "I didn't mean to push you, I was drunk." "I'm just really stressed about school and work; what do you expect?

" "You know I can’t control my anger yet you push my buttons anyway! ” Threats: "If you leave me, I'll kill myself." "If you take that job, I’m moving out and you’ll be on your own!

I’d rather you didn’t go to their house." "I don’t like them.

However, research has found a growing trend in younger people registering for online dating sites.

It is estimated that 10 percent of 18 to 24 year olds are seeking dates online.

We find about 39 percent of middle age people are actively seeking romantic relationships from behind a screen and keyboard.

Online datings sites are typically created with intention to encourage hookups, both casual and long term, for adults—not teens.

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