Should dating techniques taught schools online dating speech

The Baby Boom generation, veterans of the sexual and divorce revolution, has little to say, and certainly not much good to say, about marriage.This leaves young people like my students with few clues as to how they achieve a goal they almost universally seek. But the sad truth is that it is hard to figure out marriage on your own.There is often talk about how our students are too robotic and monotonous, due to the “copy-paste” nature of our exams.We’re too focused on getting those As that we forget to teach important life skills to our students.As a result, young adults are floundering and often failing in their personal and family lives.

South Carolina dropped a program after using it for five years.Clearly there's a movement to get people -- with the help of teachers and counselors -- to think before marrying or divorcing.It sounds like a good idea, but do marriage prep courses work?As a spokesman for the Florida Education Association noted, "Were schools designed to do this much socialization and values clarification?Many teachers would argue it would be great if they could focus more on academic subjects and worry less about these." At one point, eight other states besides Florida addressed statewide school-based marriage education.

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