Updating exchange certificate

To know which protocol is needed to contact the CRL distribution point for a certificate, open the certificate and go to the Details tab and look at the Keywords: Revocation Check Failure, Import-Exchange Certificate : Cannot import certificate.One common thing that is asked by customers is: “How do I renew Lync Server Certificates?

When updating or replacing an SSL certificate on a virtual server or service you do not have to unbind the original Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate before binding a new SSL certificate. When you update an SSL certificate, it minimizes the time the virtual servers are not available compared to the time that is taken to manually unbind an SSL certificate, delete the SSL certificate, add a new SSL certificate, and bind the new SSL certificate.

The disconnected connections can be reconnected automatically depending on the client software used.

Web browser clients can be expected to reconnect automatically on the next HTTP GET or POST performed by the web browser.

In this case, check if the certificate is present on the FE server on the “Personal” container.

If this is the case, use the Certificate Wizard to assign the certificate, by using the button “Assign”.

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